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In some ways I agree with you on this. In some first time cruising folks heads the experience of a cruise and their expectation is related to the “old” days of cruising and how it used to be, so expectation is set high and in a lot of cases that can lead to disappointment, as its not today’s reality,,,and that results in a verdict of not “what we expected”

For me. that’s down to marketing; cruise lines are brilliant at portraying a personal experience, nearly like being on a desert island, and not the actual reality of limited personal space, Q’s for everything, finding a lounger or table, crowds etc etc.

So my basic on this is, if someone advertises or presents a vacation to me and I buy into it. And then the reality does not meet that expectation, then I reserve the right to gripe. I would do it with a hotel, a tradesman, a store or anyone advertising to get my money. Cruise ships or lines are no exception to that rule. You said it and I bought into it, and you did or did not deliver, and if you did not deliver then I want my say via a gripe.
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