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Originally Posted by Funnel View Post
Yes, I have to do a Mississippi (did I spell that correct? ) cruise on Natchez. It looks like a great cruise! I think thay have jazz cruises too - not the music I am listening to too often but I used to play in a jazz band when I was in school and jazz has to be a part of a visit to New Orleans.

I was actually thinking of a hotel in the French Quarter but maybe that is not the best location?

I'm looking forward to both Florida and New Orleans, but I have to wait another year. Plenty of time for planning!

Erik, the last time I was in New Orleans was 1978. I was 24 years old. The French quarter was not a good place even back then after dark. After katrina happened, it was a big financial loss for the city and the poor of that city became even more poor. I am thinking the crime rate is much worse because of the circumstances-I could be wrong- please research it.
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