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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
I have a basic position on this, I take a balcony at a premium cost because I can open the door whenever I like, I can stand out there and smoke if I like, I can watch the world go by if I like. If I wanted to be totally environmentally friendly to the rest of the ship and its AC then I would take an inside cabin or one with a portal. Or the other way to look at it is, if it was such a problem then the lines would build climatically controlled and totally internal cabins and no balconies! They dont do they

No, I pay their premium and so its my call as do I leave the balcony door slightly open for fresh air or not? My premium so my comfort or choice.

When I fly business class, do I worry that others on the same plane dont get the same leg room, seat size or meal or service as me, no.
I agree 100% I really dont understand what the debate is about if you want to leave the door open then do so!Its your chose you paid for the room. I doubt that if you left the door open it would be any inconvience to anyone.People have A.Cs and heaters in their staterooms I am sure they can figure out how to use them.And I doubt if you left your door open any one else would even know.Thats like saying when I go to a motel is it all right to leave the window open all night
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