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These people are adrift - unprotected in pirate waters - can you imagine how scared they are???

I just saw this report below... (they had to have been put on there before the ship sailed - knowing it was going through these waters).

9 marines aboard Italian ship adrift in Indian Ocean

  • (AGI) Genoa - Costa Crociere said nine Italian marines are aboard cruise liner 'Allegra' which is adrift in the Indian Ocean. "On board the 'Allegra', there are also nine marines.
    Their presence is due to the ship's route, which is at risk of attacks by pirates", the director of Costa Crociere's nautical operations, captain Giorgio Moretti, said at a press conference called tonight at the company's headquarters in Genoa to take stock of the situation after a fire broke out in the engine room of the cruise liner. Moretti explained that, to avoid possible attacks by pirates, a plane is currently flying over the area where the cruise ship is adrift and that a small military vessel will be among the boats that are expected to come to the ship's rescue between tonight and tomorrow morning.
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