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Default Ripoffs used by island businessmento fleece cruisemates

I read with fascination the advice provided by cruisemates concerning a person who got ripped off by a Caribbean island jeweler. The advice to bring a jeweler's was very good I thought and it sure would stop the tricky jeweler. By the way how do you say cop in Spanish. I thought that this kind of advice was as sound as when I asked a friendly bartender why the ashtrays had a mouse hole cut in the side. He said that the customer didn't see the hole because the bartender kept it facing himself. After the customer ordered drinks, the bartender put the change on the bar. After a while the bartender would clean the bar surface and move the ashtray to funnel the change under the ashtray through the hole. After the customer left, the bartender would move the ashtray to the edge of the counter and dump the money in his hand. This reminds me of the story of the trick the cruisemate told about the customer handing the dealer 100 in twenties. The dealer recounts the money under the table and says the customer shorted him 20. I think these tips are always good because they can save cruisemates
money and an unhappy experience.
I hope other cruisemates will contribute their experiences to this thread.
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