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Kent - with all dues respect you don't know what Princess may carry if it sails in these waters - because the cruise lines don't say. That is my point.

The first to be attacked was Seabourn, and they did NOT have extra protection, but they did ward off the pirates (I have some great pictures a passenger who was onboard sent to me, but I don't think this is the right time to post them).

Next it was MSC who was attacked - but they surprised the pirates. Now it is Costa who is vulnerable and they admit they have extra protection onboard.

No one says - but it seems safe to assume extra measures are now the norm in the industry.

By the way - the "hero" security guard who manned the sonar cannon of Seabourn Pride took a wound to one of his hands. He asked Seabourn for some kind of compensation and ended up suing them. Apparently he didn't get what he wanted and so he turned into a "the truth about the cruise industry" guy writing an "expose" book about what "really" happens on cruise ships.
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