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Good morning everyone:

Like Donna, we are preparing for SNOWMAGEDDON II - THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL

The talking weather heads are just a twitter with excitement over this one. Actually, it could be nasty because it is going to start as snow, change to sleet-freezing rain-rain and then back to snow tomorrow. For the Minneapolis area it should be around 6" of snow but a lot of it could be washed away by the rain. Just north of us they are expecting 15" of snow. I'm just worried what it will be like tonight when Betty has to drive home at midnight.

It's been a fun two days around here. My older brother returned early from the annual fishing trip because of heavy snow in northern Minnesota. So, we were able to enjoy ourselves for a couple of days. We went out for dinner last night and the highlight was afterward when we went to Target and I bought new underwear. Will the excitement ever cease????? He flies home today, weather permitting, and Betty will drop him off at the airport on her way to work.

I have all my cruise clothes ready and we'll be off to Miami on Friday morning to meet the family and friends as we take over the Carnival Liberty. There are now 16 of us going so if you are sailing on the Carnival Liberty this weekend I apologize, in advance, for the actions of the Mastellar's and their friends who will be on board. Hmmmm, I wonder how much damage I can do with a walker. Note to self: Get drink holder for walker. btw: this is a joke. We are a fairly civilized group but we do have a good time.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and a wonderful rest of the week. And to all Cruisemates who aren't sailing this weekend I just want to say: Na Na Na Na Na Na...........

Take care,
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