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My weather is like Luanne's. Wet and warm. I got out and ran a few errands today. Tomorrow..It is off to have my eyes examined (Lord knows, I need my head examined ). I may even treat myself to a pedicure while I am waiting for the eye dilation to wear off..

Mike, i am green with envy..However - not too green since i think I have finally decided on the cruise I want to take. The solo rate is not that bad either. I enjoyed that last trip solo so much last time and if I book before the 1st, I'll get a cabin credit in addition to the great solo price!! I think I will book it for December as that will give me enough time to heal from the surgery I am having on the 22nd of March. They finally re-scheduled me today!! The cruise will be my "reward" after healing from surgery I think..Unlike some of the other stronger souls on here, I do not expect to be on my computer at the I expect to be giving the nurses a hard time, walking when I have to and sleeping in between that. I will go home the SECOND I can talk my doctor into it.

Meanwhile, I will be checking utube for a large section of mooners..
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