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Default 33 SWM Looking For M 24-30 / Late Spring Early Summer

Well I haven't booked anything yet and I'm thinking about taking a 5-7 day cruise late spring to early summer. None of my friends have the cash to do it. I've been on one cruise a few years ago on Carnival, and from what I remember it was a good time. So by that statement I like to party and have a good time. I smoke cigarettes but would never smoke in a room. I don't even smoke in my apartment. I hate the smell believe it or not.

I really have no preference on a departure port except that it would have to be on the east coast. Destinations don't really matter either to me. The cruise I went on was through the Bahamas. I didn't care too much for it but it was ok there. I wouldn't be too interested in excursions other than jet skiing and hanging out at the beach.

I would go to sleep late and wake up late. I liked Carnival because there were mostly people my age on board.

What else......I like to play and watch sports, working out, party, trying new things, and I guess that I should tell you I'm gay. I feel like a straight guy who happens to like guys.

I don't care if my roommate is gay or straight. Just respectful with some of the same interests. So If you're thinking about planning something and looking for a roommate , hit me up and we'll see what happens.
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