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Default Wonderful Wednesday

Morning Mates, from a beautiful sunny day-after-the-storm in Pictou County.
The snow continued into last night, and we got a good covering once again, which will be nice for taking the kids out sledding today.

However, it is cold, at -10C "feels like -18", or 0F. I'll bundle up to stand out there today!

Today is skating day for me, and I'm surprised how much I missed my aquafit yesterday.
I have become hooked on exercising, who knew? :-D

One good thing about my snow day yesterdy - I got a big pile of ironing done, and my packing is already finished! Believe me, that NEVER happens, I'm usually throwing things in a suitcase the night before we leave!
I am SO looking forward to this cruise, only another week and a half to go.....

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