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Default Good (Extra Day) Wednesday Morning

Donna hit enter one minute before I did so she gets the Good Morning Thread. Good morning Donna.

It snowed!!!!! It really snowed!!!!
It is February 29th and we finally received a real snowstorm. So far I've measured around 5" of snow but it is covering a whole bunch of ice. It started as snow then turned into rain, then freezing rain and now back to heavy, wet snow. Betty is going to be working hard to get this one shoveled and blown. I'll make sure to supervise and let her know if she misses a spot on the driveway. Yesterday, my brother got to play with the snowblower and blow out the first inch or so while Betty "manicured" the remaining bits. My brother is a native Minnesotan but has lived in Dallas for the last 27 years. He loved playing with the snowblower.

Today is an early PT day at 7:40 a.m.. I am debating canceling because of the slippery roads and snow and I don't want to mess up my leg for the cruise. I see the ortho tomorrow and get "final" approval to go on the cruise but I know I will get it and if I don't too bad.

I hope everyone has a great day today and that this is the best Wednesday in long time.

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