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But lets be honest here...

If I go to a travel agent and I ask to see a few brouchure's on different cruise lines such as SilverSea, Crystal,Seabourn, Carnival, NCl, Celebrity and the rest and compare the prices and see the HUGE difference a red flag or at min common sense should take over...

Look any normal human does'nt go into Burger King expecting white cloth table service....the best service and food money can buy do they?. Its up to the person to have common sense..

I figure out the cost of a cruise on Crystal for two and it amounts to lets say 8,000.00....then I figure out the cost for a Carnival cruise for two and it amounts to 1, you expect the same quality and service as the higher price cruise...What ever happened to the old saying "You get what you pay for"...what happens to they lose all thinking ability ? Where talking about adults here not children..

Do I go to a Car dealer and Buy a Hyundai and expect the same ride as a Caddy...or a Mercedez Benz...of course why would a cruise be any pay for a low end cruise and you will get a lower end cruise...plain and simple.
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