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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
Not sure why you would trade a place that you somehow found to be totaly crime free...probaly the only place on earth (other then the Artic and Anartic....) for a place that has crime and gang violence, that doesnt make sense? secondly you have to show an ample supply of move to can't just pack up and live their, they have requirements that you would have to meet.
1) I was trying to say that I don't believe the reports about the supposed crime in Bermuda.I know there are gangs but I have yet to hear of tourists being attacked .
When I was growing up in NYC there were gangs but they only went after other gangs .

2) The ONLY "crimes" in my town are shoplifting ,DUI's and an occasional burglary .

I have been living here nearly 10 years . There have been no murders ,rapes or other crimes of violence . We do not have a police force . Occasionally a County police vehicle may be in the area .To me its paradise but only from April to September . It can get rather cold here .
Bermuda has ideal weather.
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