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Originally Posted by kandajones View Post
Hi there, not sure that there is such a position per se.
All the escorts we have chatted to from different cruise lines all work on board (dance troupe, entertainment, shops, officers etc) and basically give up their own free time in exchange for a 'free' place on the tour.

If you do hear of a job that entails just going on tour as an escort, please let me know

I am talking about someone who leads a group from hotel to ship, or meets at airport and gets them to ship or the contact if there are any problems to ship. Once on board you set up a table to meet your group each day and tell them what is going on the next day or prepare them for the group excursion or handle any problems they might have during cruise and you are there go to person. In exchange for this you cruise free, but are busy most of the time with them. This is not so much do go along on a tour (excursion), but a group for the whole cruise.
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