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Its all opinion and no right or wrong answer on this or anything else that determines a persons personal experience

"What ever happened to the old saying "You get what you pay for"...what happens to they lose all thinking ability ? Where talking about adults here not children"

So it does not matter if you bought the cheapest car or the most expensive Mercedes, the buyer has an expectation from it. Are you honestly saying that people who sail on the most expensive lines dont complain,,mm I would say that out of a hundred cruisers that do complain that they are the more likely to, same with Merc owners, they payed for an expectation that may not meet their reality, do they not complain to dealerships regarding the product delivered if it goes wrong? I'll bet they do. You cant compare apples and oranges and because one is cheaper to buy does automatically remove the right to gripe if it does not meet your expectation

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