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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
You dont ever seem to believe anyone...
First you would'nt take the word of numerous veteran cruisers when they answered your question refering to ("A welcome aboard lunch") Not one person heard of this yet, after asking the question and getting the repeated same answers you still would'nt take anyones word...

Secondly, The Bermuda police make a you tube video of the rising gang violence and crimes against tourists...And your statement is "I don't believe the seems clearly that if everone told you the sky is blue you would not believe anyone....

I won't even mention how ridiculous your statement is about "Gangs only go after other gangs"

If you had a friend that you've known 50 years and this friend told you that there was a Welcome Aboard luncheon on a cruise line that you never were on I would think you would believe your friend to be right.

Secondly ,when I grew up in NYC in the 40's and 50's there were gangs that ONLY fought other gangs .I could safely walk through their neighborhoods.

Finally,I was in Bermuda 6 months ago on a cruise .I was outside at 3AM and did not fear for my safety . During the time the ship was docked in Hamilton I went to St.George and other areas and did not feel threatened .
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