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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
So very true. They many times don't get the credit for all they do.
And for very little pay on top of it all ! The Coast Guard Plays a big role where I live being a fishing community and all.In fact the trainging grounds for there motor life boats is about 120 miles away.Its pretty cool to watch them take the boats out in the big surf to pratice. By big surf I mean 20 to 25 foot breakers! They use to roll them over once in a while I dont think they do that as much anymore. FYI they are self righting boats if they turnover they will right them selfs in 30 to 40 secounds.could you imagine how scary that would be to be on a boat and have it capsize then pop back up . I bet that 30 or 40 secounds would seem like a life time!
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