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Originally Posted by appleseeds View Post
Where do I get pesos from and how do i get the best rate? I was planning on using US dollars but carrying a limited amount of pesos on me sounds better.

The SO is afraid of getting ill from local food, we plan to call room service the day before and order sandwiches to pack.

How and were do you go to get a voucher to leave the ship to Cabo? I don't want to be last....
You guys are going all the way to Mexico and not tryng the local food? I think you will be missing out but thats just me.I dont understand why your SO thinks they will get sick theres a whole lot of people who eat there and are just fine.Relax have fun your on vaction dont worry so much about every little thing! Oh buy the way My wife and I have been to Ensenada dont get your hopes up for that stop in my opion not a lot to do there.
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