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Jason and I were together in New York for this event - nice pictures Jason!!

We were sitting in the front row and had a bird;s eye view for the christening by Mariah Carey.

Yes - she does cruise often, we hears from one of the disney PR heads who told us she had been on a few Disney cruises - she is a big fan of Disney cruise line in particulart, which was the reason she was selected.

Great ceremony - and a beautiful ship.

Although it has been said Fantasy is a little "plainer" than Disney Drean because the decor is more subdued, what it lacks in ornate decor it certainly makes up in features:

The added features are there because Fanatsy is designed to do 7-day cruises, rather than the 3 and 4-day cruise Dream is scheduled to sail. Therefore, they needed more activities to keep the cruisers entertained for the extra days.

It has a more elaborate Midship Detecive Agency game for the interactive artwork. The game is TOO much fun to play - with magic looking glasses that become different tools like blow torshes, wrenches, hammers, etc (all virtual).

The new dinnertime "show" in Animator's Palate is just too much fun - you get to see your own drawings come to life on the big video screens around the room. (This is in addition to the other show where Crush comes and talks to everyone, the only show on Disney Dream).

There is a new Production show called "Wishes" with a definite newer vibe to it, with modern "hiphop=style" music production and "robot" choreography. This is not "When you wish upon a star" - although it has the same values, it is very modern in execution.

The adult area is completely different, including a new Skyline var where the cityscape changes several times per night, and a feabd Irish Pud (O'Gills) with a delicious sipping liquer which I can't say is like Bailewy;s but better.

There are also added kids features, especially a water soak area. All together, a very fun ship.

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