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Default How do you define a "disaster"?

oirst we had the Costa Concordia "Disaster", according to CNN.
A $600 million cruise ship ran aground and tipped over.
Many people were scared and inconvenienced.
A few dozen people died.
Everyone got a refund and damages covered.

Then we had the Costa Allegra "Disaster", according to CNN.
An old car ferry converted to "luxury" cruise ship had an engine room fire.
Many people were scared and incenvenienced for 3 days.
Nobody was injured or died.
Everyone got a refund and a free vacation.

This week in America they have had a "Tornado Outbreak", according to CNN.
Hundreds of massive tornados have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, causing damages in the Billions of dollars.
As many people were killed as in the Costa Concordia "Disaster".
Many families, lives, and careers have been destroyed.
Some people are getting a refund from their insurance companies.
Many are getting nothing.

Can someone explain to me why the cruise ship incidents were "disasters" and the tornado damage was an "outbreak" ??
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