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Default Similiar to buttons

Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I found a simpler way...
I use to weigh 225 lbs and am 5'9"
All I did was stop the intake of starch (white bread,itialian bread,pasta ect..) stopped using salt and sugar....began eating more fruit and vegetables and protein, the only bread I eat in moderation is whole grain. Also portion control, you dont have to eat till you burst...bought a eliptical machine and worked out 30 mins a day...5 months later I was I exercise to mantain my weight between 167lbs and 170lbs.

All you need is will power...halt starch,salt and sugar, exercise and eat in moderation (Portion control..and eat well before you go to bed.) you will lose weight..OH one more important thing..STOP EATING OUT.

If you really want to lose weight, you will....If you cheat by eating what ever you want, you will not be happy with your results.
I am close to 6'6 and at one time I weighed 240. I went on a crash diet and got down to 173 .That was 40 years ago.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with an illness and put on a gluten free diet .This automatically eliminates the "bad" foods .My Nutritionist allows me to go off the diet when cruising but I take medication for my illness and I've yet to have a problem.

I tend to keep my weight between 195 and 207 ,
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