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Originally Posted by Golden1 View Post
What happens with international flights when there is only 1-2 hours inbetween flights? For example, if you were flying from US to London, London to Rome. If they want you there 2 hours before, how is it possible?
You are mixed up, Golden. The reason you have to be at the airport an hour early is so you have time to check your bags, which often requires standing in a long line, and the TSA can make sure nothing suspicious is in them. When you have a connecting flight - for example, St. Louis to Boston, then Boston to Barcelona - because all luiggage has already been checked, the TSA only needs to see your carryons on the x-ray belt and you in the metal detector. Therefore it is OK if you have less than an hour at the airport for your connecting flight.

That said I would still insist on booking a long layover because once when my flight out of Kennedy was late the delay caused me to miss the flight out of Dulles, which wasn't delayed.

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