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Snorklr45: Thanks for the quick response and info! I had wondered if anyone would actually respond and am very glad you did. Sounds like Molokini is definitely worth it. Are you sure that I could just wait til I get to Makena to book or should I try to book on-line ahead of time? Would I have any trouble finding him (do you know the name?), if he's booked-up are there others, how expensive?

Do you happen to know if I can book excursions at/near the ports we will be visiting? On other cruises we've been on in the Caribbean, most often there are companies available to do this as soon as you disembark. I have always been comfortable researching & booking on-line ahead of our previous cruises, but for whatever reason I just don't on this one. There just don't seem to be a lot of great excursion options or at least ones that don't have timing issues. They generally seem to be targeted for hotel-based vacationers. They leave too early, arrive too late, only pickup/dropoff at hotels, aren't really what I am interested in doing, etc. As you can probably tell-I'm getting a bit exasperated & frustrated at this point.
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