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Originally Posted by satex View Post
Yes, and here I am. Just wanted to let everyone know about this company.

Here is just part of the reply we got back from thw owner of the company asking about a partial refund:

No wonder so many countries 'hate' Americans! You are all out of order and need to stay home with your miserable selves!
Very Sincerely!
Denise Taylor

And this is the tour operator that is still asking for you "American" dollars!

Hey and thanks for coming back (in a regular size font!) Glad you are not a drive-by. We see too many of them for my taste.

When we get more information it makes it possible to have a discussion rather than just read a polemic.

A letter like that is clearly beyond the pale and certainly defines the company. It is a good example of the dangers inherent in booking independent tours.

We frequently book independent, and usually have very good results, but once in a while run into a situation such as you describe. Reading the boards for recommendations or warnings is always a good idea.

It is a fact that there are lots of Americans who would think 20 minutes of snorkeling and 4 hours in a bar is just the right division of priorities! Maybe the company caters to them ... I visited their website and this is the tour description: Sail the beautiful clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea to the Snorkeling location inside Jamaica's National Marine Park, on the shores of Montego Bay. Mask and snorkel are provided to assist with the viewing the wonderful Underworld of the Marine Park. When snorkeling and swimming are completed the rumpunch will start to flow. Learn the latest Jamaican Dance Moves or relax with a Foot Massage. Join in and move your feet to the Jamaican Reggae Beat. The party continues with a short stop at Margueritaville's Party. (20 min. stop 'weather permitting').

Admittedly the time implied in this description does not seem to be the time you actually got. But snorkeling, partying, and Margaritaville were definitely what were offered. Not a tour I would have booked. But diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.

Appears to me that it is a company to avoid.

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