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Originally Posted by kelzbelz77 View Post
I will be getting off the ship as you are getting on! I will try to keep her in good shape.

When you go into the casino, just put your S&S card into a slot machine (usually at the top) and then will need to set a pin # up. If you need help, ask one of the casino attendants. Once that is taken care of, there is an option to transfer $ from your S&S to the slot machine. Once you do that, (there is a player bank portion for this on your S&S card different from your regular S&S purchases, etc.) it will be transferred to the slot machine. Then hit the transfer to player bank and then go to the casino cage and give them your card and ask to to cash out your player bank. Then you will enter your pin # and viola you have cash!!

I do this the last night so I don't have cash the check they give me for not spending all my $.

Have a great cruise!

Thank you so much for clear directions! I really appreciate it.
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