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I haven't checked any "other" threads yet but I have to say that if anyone was saying anything other than one engine was shut down, the ship was late and Carnival offered $200 to compensate for changes they are full of it.

Things were further delayed because a crew member needed to be medically evacuated by the Coast Guard. We had a fairly good view of the airlift from our aft cabins. I hope the crew member is doing OK.

Disembarkation was, as expected, a free for all with people trying to get off first to make their flights. Betty, my nephew, his girlfriend and I waited until the self disembarkation was done and we basically walked off the ship. We did take our own luggage off but it wasn't a problem. We walked out of the terminal, grabbed a van cab and were at our hotel by 1:30 p.m.

I know anyone with a flight before 1:00 p.m. didn't make it. My brother had a 1:30 pm flight but couldn't change so his family changed to a 4:30 flight, for a lot of money, but my brother just made his original flight. He'll have to wait in Minneapolis for 3 hours for the rest of the family.

Carnival also opened up the phones for free phone calls for people to change their flights. Well, that sounded better than it was. It was almost impossible to get a line and the cell system was also jammed. I was able to call Delta using Skype and I was able to change my flight to Sunday and the rest of the family were also able to use Skype to call and change their flights. It did use up an hour of my Internet time and I do plan on asking Carnival for a refund of part of my Internet fee.

I used Priceline and booked a very nice hotel by the airport. It is the Element hotel and while not the best location it is a nice, extended stay, type of hotel that just opened three weeks ago. The four of us spent the afternoon laying by the pool and their shuttle driver will take us to dinner tonight. Can't beat that.

I have no idea what time, or if, the Liberty left or is leaving port but I will bet the itinerary will be changed. There was a VERY long line of people waiting to get into the terminal to check-in and board. I feel for them.

All in all it wasn't that bad. Carnival will cover my change fees and I'll see what insurance does to cover my travel delay. No matter what, the $75 I spent for the hotel isn't going to break me and it actually a nice way to end the cruise. We were so busy having fun we didn't have time to really just sit and get some sun.

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