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Most of the people buying these vacation homes, are not wealthy people.
They have saved for it, it seems,and now feel the need to dump their money into a far away money pit.

Owning a home can be hard enough, with upkeep, and, the oh so horrible unexpected situation, which empties your coffer in a heartbeat. Imagine all that, and having to get on a plane to see a mountain has slid down in your backyard! Add into the mix, the people who rent from you off season, to help you with the mortgage. Those darn college kids had a party,and everbody on the island was invited....they moved out like thieves in the night,and oh yes, your house was trashed! A time share or a cruise, sounds like heaven!!

In this article, it also said that they sometimes try and find buyers who are already close to a deal on a particular home. I guess everthing around it is a farce, but I am still hooked! For long time fans, it's also amazing to see the differences in how the show is shot..Used to be quite a stiff, formal show, now, dity looks, sighs and the occaisional slap is all part of ther fun

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