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Originally Posted by ffernandi View Post
I agree that Carnival needed to change thir Platinum program around a bit. I don't believe in grandfathering anyone. Just becaus you have been on 10 3 day cruises shouldn't give you the same privileges that I have from the 13 7 and 8 day cruises I took. I think that if you look at the amount I spent I should get some additional recognition.
Not for nothing but it is called a loyalty program. 10 3 day cruises or 4 7days I'd say the person who booked Carnival 10 times is more loyal then the person who only booked 4 cruises.
I can actually get 7 day cruises cheaper per day then a 3 or 4 day. (a couple months ago could have had the 7 day victory out of San Juan for 299.) I have been taking the shorter cruises because I only need to get a few days off of work to do them.
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