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Originally Posted by cruised1014 View Post
I don't think they could fix that kind of problem that quick. I did hear from a passenger that was coming off the ship late that the new passengers departing on March 10th were told that the reason for the late arrival was a sick passenger had to be airlifted. They were not being told of the propulsion problem. I would like to know if this relly happened. I have been tracking the ship since it left port and it's speed has never been over 16 knots and the web cam from the bridge shows a little tilt like it may be leaning to one side while cruising. We were planning last minute it cruise on The Carnival Liberty March 31st but I will hold off till I hear how the next couple reviews say. We may do the Valor 8 day leaving March 31st. Please post any updates. Thanks Ed
While the ship was returning, it did appear to be a slight tilt from the camera's perspective. However, it was also presented that it was the camera position, not a real tilt. I don't know, I just read it.
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