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Default The TM's

Originally Posted by katlady View Post
Ah Florida one of the few states that out sun shines California. We are expecting rain today in California. Which we could very use so I'm glad.

Sounds like TM and Henry had a nice lunch. I will be meeting TM and Ms. TM in person really soon. :-D less then 2 months before my cruise. I haven't planned anything on this cruise. In the past I have over planned and this time I just want to go with the flow. The only thing I'm really interested in is Stingray city in Grand Cayman. There are so many different tours in gets confusing. 4 ports on a seven day is a lot I may need a vacation from my vacation.
TM and his DW mentioned that they will be getting together with you soon .
We've had the pleasure of getting together with the TM's 4 times and each time was fantastic . Looking forward to our 5th. get together.
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