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Default Scam is much deeper

Hey Guys,

I think there is a connection between this scam and "cardholder services" (google it) scam, as well as about 50 other pseudonyms. This is part of their tactic, they have this list of scams, and every one of them seems to target just a few thousand of us, so they can keep going unnoticed.

Every single one of them is simply a scam, they have about every method in the book, health scams, phone sex, cruises, lower interest rates, overdue taxes, etc. All they want is your credit card number, so they can charge you ~1000-2000 dollars.

I personally did not get this mailing, but I did get robo calls offering me a free cruise from royal caribbian, and to press one to talk to someone. This is literally an identical robo-call to the cardholder services scam, except a different message.

I invite anyone interested in tracking these scum down to join the thousands of us in the two facebook group(s) dedicated to tracking down cardholder services. "cardholder services" seems to be their biggest scam, it has the most number of people of any of the 'related' scams I have come across.
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