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Donna, you are 100% correct. There is NO validity AT ALL about this scam and all their related "companies". The only validity is HIGHLY deceptive contracts/promises, which if sued, would not hold up under law. The problem is, you can't sue them, because their ACTUAL company name is hidden behind piles of virtually untraceable 'companies' and money transfers.

This whole scam is setup, so that these individual scams, if discovered, hold no fruit, because there is literally a balance of 0 in the companies. Their using these shady "financial" companies in FL, to charge your credit card. From FL, who knows where the money goes, but I can tell you, it certainly does not stay inside these FL 'financial companies' bank accounts, it's probably transferred offshore, and then somewhere else.

If you want my 2 cents, anyone knowingly participating in this should be arrested on CRIMINAL charges, and there is probably hundreds of those people between all these related scams.
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