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Hi Kat!! You crack me up Build a man????? ok I gotta check that out!! And I love the unicorn with the fire butt! :-D:o Wow Kat Freedom of the seas!! You go Girl!!

Any of the gang can recommend a las vegas show??? I was thinking of Chris Angel Believe but now i hear that many people don't like it. I better do my homework and start asking around and reading reviews. We are seeing Carrot Top that is for sure...Love him he is so wacky funny.

TM.... How was Allure of the Seas??? I think taking 4 cruises in 2009 did me in. Then only one in 2010. and none for 2011 or 2012. But back to cruising business in 2013. Enjoying my land vacations though while I get into full blown Cruisequeen Mode!! Maybe one of those sunshine ships will be out in 2013!! :-D

Happy Wine Day!!!
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