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I get the core of the discussion, and to be honest I could fit on either side of the fence on the argument. However at least twice a month I fly, I fly on ordinary airlines, with ordinary seats (their description).

And I have to be honest, on those normal flights I am either at the window, on the aisle or stuck in the middle of a bank of three seats.

Now, I am not a bloater by any means, I'm around 160 lbs and on looking at the other two on the row, so are they.

So why is it we canít eat our meals without digging our elbows into those around us despite nearly eating like a person who's total arm mobility works only from the wrist?

Why canít my shoulders if stuck in the middle seat feel that they are not infringing on those around me,,,where is my space?

Forget reading a newspaper, as not only am I now crossing the territorial boundary of those besides me, but the seat in front is so close that I'm nearly hanging the paper over the person in front as well to read!!

So, where does the problem really sit, it sits with airlines that thinks everyone coming on board is a super model or an anorexic, and they can squeeze themselves into the space that they make available these days.
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