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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Kat no need to be jealous you are quite the vacationer yourself! You will love Freedom of the Seas. Still my favorite class even over Oasis. R u going east or west??

OMG tell me more about zumanity!! That is actually what I'm looking to book. I hear it is racey! It takes alot to make me embarrassed or blush. I hear there is alot of audience participation. I hope Edie the Drag Queen or any of the other colorful cast members pick on me. what would be the best seat section??

So far got Zumanity, Carrot Top, and two stand up comedy clubs. And will pick a magic show. Forget about Chris Angel the reviews for his show are horrible. Although he is Eye Candy. still not worth the ticket price.

An empty headed man....... Of course none of our last gang men are empty headed!!! :-D:-D:-D
It's like a super funny sexy Burlesque show. My hubby liked the ladies in the champagne glass. Me I was a fan of the Latin lover and the cowboy. There was a man and a woman who were the MCs they were funny as heck and filthy in that totally entertaining way. We sat in the Lower Orchestra off to the left of the stage. I think we were like the third row back. I enjoyed these seats. But being in the middle of the Lower Orchestra would have been better.

The good news about my empty headed man is because I made him a cookie jar he has a job. I can fill his head will all sorts of interesting things. I'm thinking for halloween I will fill his head with gummy worms.
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