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Hi pfeifela and thank you for bringing back so many bad memories of our Ryndam and HAL experience, without going in the details of our cruise, we did wonder if they didn't care ("they" being crew, staff & Head Office) as they were sailing out of the UK, but I see nothing has changed

Before boarding we thought that HELL, errrr I mean HAL were supposed to be a superior line, how wrong we were. in our eyes they would struggle to get a 3rd star.

From cold, part cooked food, to a look of disgust when I asked for extra vegetables (even then the waiter just pointed at a few extra beans and said sarcastically "extra veg"), to a glass of water being knocked over me with no apology, they just didn't care. It was so bad that I didn't send the food back as I dreaded to think what they would do to it once back in the kitchen.

Even on the last night they managed to shock us, with the cabin steward insisting that we needed to put his score down as the highest possible or he would get in trouble. Hmmmm more like if everyone does that you get a bonus and HAL can dream that everything is fine.

Like yourselves we did offer the crew the chance to discuss our comments on the form, but we never heard a thing, and even penning our concerns to HAL brought nothing more than a "thank you for your letter. Everyone's experience of a cruise blah de blah de blah"
Yes thank you HAL, we have done more than enough cruises to know what is good and what is bad.

We did post a few comments on the thread
Ryndam conditions
but never dared to post our full report as it was just so negative.

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