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Hi Jay, my partner and me where on a Western Med cruise on the epic back in September and are once again boarding in June for a second time round. It truly is the best holiday ever and i am sure you will have the time of your life. Just a couple of tips however, the excursions are overpriced and you will find alot of the time you can save a fortune by doing your own thing. You will find that on disembarking the ship their is usually coach transfers taking you into the nearest town centres, these can be from free to 5€ per person. On reaching the nearest town it is easy to arrange local transport to any major cities. You will find crowds of people on the ship doing the very same thing. These towns have ships visiting daily and are well prepared to ensure they can provide the services you require at a fraction of the cost you will pay on arranged excursions. Having said all of that, if you wish to visit both Florence and Pisa on the stop at Livorno, the only way this is going to be possible to have time to see both is taking the 'on your own excursion' it costs around $129 each (if my memory serves me right). This will provide coach transfers to both and time to explore both cities on your own. However it's worth noting that Florence is roughly a 3 hour coach journey from the ship and you will be away from the ship for approx 10 hours - but well worth it for the stunning views over the town. If your happy settling for one or the other, it will save you a small fortune getting the train once in Livirno. Another small tip we have learnt is always make sure you use cash in the casino and don't withdraw money on your room account as this can easily get out of hand. Their is a cash machine on board but this will charge a fee and your best off taking cash with you. I hope this has helped in your planning for the cruise not long to wait now!!
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