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Unhappy Criticism -- or another point of view?

Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
I think your comments are out of order.

Bravo to the OP - just because they posted what you do not want to read is no reason to criticise them.

Everyone is entitled to speak as they find.

Indeed, everyone is entitled to speak as they find.

Replies to the OP which state that they never had problems with HAL are just as valid an opinion as the original. That is one of the principal values of this board. A different point of view is not criticism, it is discussion.

I too have had many cruises on HAL without problems. It seems to me that often passengers get on board a ship and notice something that does not please them, such as worn carpet, and from that time are ready to criticize every thing they encounter. It is MY opinion that HAL is a great line and her ships operate beautifully. That's not a criticism of anybody who disagrees.

A great deal of what the OP notes is personal opinion. There is every reason for other posters to add their opinion. There is no reason that the OP should expect all of us to jump in and say, "Oh, that is soo true! I agree that cruise line really stinks! Thank you so much for opening our eyes." Disagreement is not criticism.

I certainly hope the OP comes back and continues the discussion. So far we have seen nothing but trashing. IMAO, jumping on this board and posting a drive-by bashing and then not joining in the discussion back and forth is of little value.

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