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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
The truth is that there may be a multitude of reasons a person is overweight, including physical, psychological, or psychological issues.

The problem is that many overweight people are that way simply because they eat too much.

I don't think anyone is going to address the problem of getting obese people into a lifeboat, or raft, or down a chute until a tragedy occurs and then it will be too late.
I can see how people being obese can be a problem with the life boats. But what about the eldely and people who are not very mobile.Are you going to push an elderly lady down a chute? We all experence changes when we age.I dont know how to say this without seeming mean spirited that is not my intention so I will say I am sorry off the get go If I offend anyone. I think we have all seen the eldrly person trying to get on a tender boat, or just even trying to get around the ship.I guess there are younger people also that are mobility challenged also. Anyway how are these people going to fair in an emergency?I dont mean where you have an hour or so to get off the ship.I mean in an emergency where its a matter of minutes? I think there are alot of questions that need to be addressed but you are right it will take another disater before they are addressed
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