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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
I think one of the worst places in Jamaica for pushy venders, was at the top of Dunns River falls. There is no way around that, unless you walk back down the stairs. They will actually try to pull you into their stall and they don't take a "no thank you" for an answer.
I agree, and its been that way for years. And its not just the legit venders you have to worry about there. Years ago we were there and a local youth tried to pull my then 15 yr old son off to the side and sell him a bit of local herb. I went after that dude and told my son to get away from him. The 'vender' retreated since I had him by about 6" and 100 pounds. To this day my son and I (now 25) still laugh about it. "Yo Daddy no laake me!!!" (insert Jamaican accent here).
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