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Sorry, I have no spell-check on this computer because I have not installed word yet. SORRY!!!!

Getting excited now reading review.So will have to try book shows early, only blue man one want to see & maybe the cirque one. Do you have to book howl of the moon? How much is the booze on board? We staying on deck 8,8044 balcony room is that deck OK think we close to bliss nite club, well looks under us! So not sure what noise be like there.
The Booze is reasonable, as Matt pointed out (our guest chef onboard). He noted beer is only about $5 while many cruise lines charge $7 +.

The main thing is to not only make reservations, but to also be absolutely sure you print them out from the web site - otherwise they don't come onboard. Furthermore, the TV system is not as interactive as I remember they promised it would be - so you pretty much have to go to the reservations desk when you get onboard and double check when you arrive.

We had a big group cocktail party followed by a group dinner last night and that was fun. I got to see everyone including Ray & Todd, who are rooming together. I think there is a bit of of "odd Couple" going on there... (heh heh).

Tonight we all eat at La Cuchina. Looking forward to it.
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