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Unhappy Different perceptions

Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
we had some service issues with no hot water for 5 days, safe wouldn't work and the standard 4 phone calls and them saying it was fixed yet no one had actually shown up. We found the food to be extremely bland, no salted butter on the entire ship and all salad dressings were low fat. Food and service everywhere was just bad...DH ordered surf and turf, the surf came with dessert. Then twice they passed off pollack for real crab. Once for dungeness crab and then again for Alaska king crab. It wasn't all bad, Alaska was spectacular, and the Pinnacle Grill was excellent and a steal and we loved the Crows nest. I complained when we got back, especially after serving the dyed pollack in place of real crab...they apologized, offered all kinds of freebies and upgrades if we sailed them again and said the crab incident was a mistake made by the head chef....well that was a lie as two months later they did the exact same thing to friends of ours.

I've always said that HAL cannot be as bad as we experienced or they'd be out of business, but I was soured so much that we won't sail them again.
People's perceptions and experience are different.

Now I have to say that salted butter is not a make or break issue for me! It is true that HAL has a European flavor and the butter might be unsalted. Has anybody ever tried putting salt on their butter

I usually try to order low fat dressing, and HAL does have a better selection than other lines. But I have to say that they frequently tempt me away from low fat by their delicious choices that are NOT low fat! It baffles me that this poster says all the dressings are low fat. Simply not my experience.

And I have long been a lover of the crab on HAL. Their presentation of Alaskan King Crab is especially good. Is the poster perhaps referring to small chunks in a crab salad or cocktail or something? That would indeed be a mistake by the chef. But it is hard to understand how crab legs in the shell could be replaced by pollack.

Oh, well, if this poster does not go back on Zuiderdam, that leaves a cabin open for me to get upgraded to when we go back on her!

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