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Unhappy Dining and shows

Originally Posted by Davo View Post
Hi I have a question re show times in regards to dining times. When we have cruised before if we had the early seating the main show was after dinner. if we had late seating the show was before. While the early seating people were having dinner. We have heard that now on Princess if you have the late seating the show is after dinner which could make a start time of approx 10 - 10:30. Can anyone please confirm this or what is the actual system they have. We will be on the Crown in the Med this coming summer.
Thanks for any info.
This is one of the problems Princess does not seem to have solved with Anytime Dining. Most of the time there seems to be a 7:30 show and a 9:30 show, or thereabouts. The theaters on the Grand Class ships are so small that you really do have to be at the show half an hour early to get a seat at all, much less a good seat.

The show times are such that Traditional diners are usually rushed to get to the show, and make it difficult to choose a reasonable Anytime dining reservation and get to the show at all.

They try to ameliorate the situation somewhat by offering very good shows in the lounge at about the same time as the main show. Sometimes the lounge is so crowded there is hardly room to walk past.

Now we love cruising on Princess, and frankly the shows are not a major part of why we cruise. But it is still a bit disappointing that Princess can't figure out how to make it work.

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