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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
People's perceptions and experience are different.

Now I have to say that salted butter is not a make or break issue for me! It is true that HAL has a European flavor and the butter might be unsalted. Has anybody ever tried putting salt on their butter

I usually try to order low fat dressing, and HAL does have a better selection than other lines. But I have to say that they frequently tempt me away from low fat by their delicious choices that are NOT low fat! It baffles me that this poster says all the dressings are low fat. Simply not my experience.

And I have long been a lover of the crab on HAL. Their presentation of Alaskan King Crab is especially good. Is the poster perhaps referring to small chunks in a crab salad or cocktail or something? That would indeed be a mistake by the chef. But it is hard to understand how crab legs in the shell could be replaced by pollack.

Oh, well, if this poster does not go back on Zuiderdam, that leaves a cabin open for me to get upgraded to when we go back on her!
You're quite welcome to her, I thought she was the ugliest ship we've ever sailed on...quite motel the plaster of paris pink benches by the aft elevators, real classy!

I love how you targeted right to my food comments, skip over the important things like no hot water for 5 days which even you can't defend.

The fake crab was passed off in a Dungeness crab tart and a Alaska King Crab salad. No shells necessary. And our friends who are die hard HAL fans with about 400 days confirmed the same when they sailed her a few months after. As for my comments on butter and salad dressings, I have no issue with low fat, I just wanted some taste. Everything was beyond bland, it was like hospital food. I guess they're not catering to people that still have their taste buds intact.

Mike, the poster asked what was wrong with my trip, I have no need to defend my comment to you or anyone else, our cruise on the Zuiderdam sucked. There are probably 10 different issues I could add to what I wrote but cut it short. My full review is on another site and there were probably 10 more just like it around the same time..horrific. If she has in fact improved, that's great, but we won't be back and really don't feel like we're missing out. The cheese plate at dinner was a running joke on our table at dinner, it was described quite lovely and different every night on the menu, someone would order it on our table just as a test..every single night without fail it looked like our waiter ran up to the buffet, grabbed whatever sliced cheese had been sitting out the longest and put it on a plate with saltines. Didn't matter what the menu said, it never, ever came close. The cruise was a complete joke. But as I did say in my post, they cannot possibly be as bad as we experienced or they'd be out of business, so we obviously hit a bad week, but I'm not tempting fate again.

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