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Originally Posted by colorcrazie View Post
Being a sushi fan, I have to respond that I feel safer eating it on a cruise ship than anywhere else. They make it up fresh. I want some sushi!
You people need to do a bit more research on fresh fish.

1. The US Public health service will normally not allow us to serve any fresh fish or shellfish to passengers on cruise ships - especially if it is not cooked. It must be frozen.

2. Most sushi and sashimi - even in Japan where I live - is not fresh. The fish are caught, processed, and frozen on large factory ships, then delivered to fish markets weeks or months later.

3. Quality of sushi and sashimi is not so much dependent on freshness, as on initial quality, freezing style, handling, and preparation.

The sushi bar on my ship receives the same frozen ahi tuna blocks that the local corner restaurant in Tokyo buys.
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