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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
That morning they will tell you when the last tender boat leaves port, try to make the one before that and have that one to fall back on..
Good advice, Donna.

As I said above, there will be a long line. The line starts to get long at least a half hour before the posted time for the "last" tender. In fact it is the last tenderS because they will keep running boats until the line is taken care of. They won't go off and leave anybody who is standing in line. In theory you could hop up and get in line at the last minute and still get back to the boat.

It is really a hectic scene that it is better to avoid, particularly if you are on a large ship in a popular port. If we can manage it we try to be back at the tender a full hour before the "last" one.

have a GREAT cruise!

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