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Default Easy response for high pressure time share salespeople

Let's face it. The timeshare people probably got you in the door by lying to you (90 minutes...ya right!) and the sales pitch is high pressure at best. I have a full proof plan that is impenetrable by the sales people. I won't even charge $29.99, not $19.99, not even $1.99! You get this gratis...that's free bro.

When they start their pitch, you look them right in the eye and say "I don't get vacation. I work 7 days a week."

If they push you and ask what type of job, you look them in the eye again and say "It's related to the government and I'm not allowed to discuss it."

If they push you further then ask them to right down their name and address and that you have informed them you are not allowed to discuss it and they will be contacted.

What can they say? All they can say is "why did you come to this meeting if you can't take vacation?" And you can say "I came for the free trip. You said there was no purchase requirement so it doesn't matter that I can't take a vacation."

It's a thing of beauty. They just sit there with a confused look on their face. They start to say something and then stop. They go and get their manager, the manager comes over and asks - "You don't get vacation?" And you say "Not for the first 5 years and after that, it is based on geo political conditions outside of my control. I have explained that I can't discuss this, are you asking me questions about my job?"

He will be at a loss. They will pow wow and then usher you away from everyone else and give you the free certificates and try to not let everyone else see you leave well before everyone else.

They know you are lying. You know you are lying but there is nothing they can do about it. It's Magic!

You're welcome.
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