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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
I have never seen it on any cruiseship, in fact this is the first time I've heard of it??
Donna, abalone is considered to be a delicacy. That many people love.
If you ever have the opportunity I suggest you try it, but make sure the person who prepares it knows what they are doing. In other words go to a first class restaurant. I saw the write up on Chilean abalone which i thought was interesting and thought you might want to read.
"From the cool, fresh waters off the coast of southern Chile come these delicious 'Locos', also known as Chilean Abalone. They share the rich flavor and signature texture of their northern cousin, the Pacific Abalone.

The pure southern Pacific ocean ensures a fresh clean flavor to these shellfish. They have a full flavor and a firm bite that make them perfect chopped in an onion and tomato salad, or sauteed and added to pasta or a cream sauce."

Or simply heat them slowly in warm water, then serve them with melted butter for an unusual delicacy sure to please all who try it.
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