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Exclamation The Reason -- the only reason

Originally Posted by Donna View Post
MM or Peter may know the answer to this one. I've noticed a few hundred difference in price on Princess going from Whittier to Vancouver over going northbound? It seem to be higher going South, is there a reason for that?
There is one and only one reason for differences in cruise fares -- supply and demand!

For some reason the southbound trips seem to be more popular than the northbound trips. In fact, oft given advice on message boards may possibly have some effect on that. I don't know why but a lot of people (including one very outspoken self proclaimed "expert" on "that other board") recommend southbound.

The Travel Agency DW works for actually received some literature from one of the cruise companies (I disremember which) offering tips on how to sell the northbound cruises.

'Tiz a puzzlement to me, but there it is.

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