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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
The price guarantee is what it is - how far out is your cruise? I assume less than 90 days?

I am sorry, but I feel you are beating a dead horse here. Like I said, an airline or hotel would not lower the price for you, cruise pricing is based on a strict set of rules - deposits, final payment, refunds, etc. They don't change them just because you ask.
Airlines and hotels do not do price guarantees, we all know this. Fact is, the cruise lines did until recently. Comparing airlines who never offered the guarantee to cruise lines that used to is an apple and orange comparison. The reality is it became cost prohibitive for the industry to keep such a guarantee in place and as mature adults we understand this and can comprehend it as well and expect people to explain it in such manner. The ones who don't accept that reasoning will be unreasonable anyways.

I always book my cruises in advance; at least one year. I personally think if you like the dates, cruise location etc. and are willing to pay the current rate, have to see the advantage you get to choosing your room location instead of settling for a room location/deck. One of my future cruise I have booked for my family is in 2014. I booked my DOS at 2011 prices. I have no doubt the prices will go up and in 2014 I will have a bargain for the price of my room.
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